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Stampin' Up!
1. Add some alcohol to your cotton ball. Make it wet, but not soaked.
2. Add 2-3 drops of your re-inker. You can do this with 2 colors if you want to.
3. Add 1-2 drops of metallic re-inker.
4. Pounce your cotton ball all over the glossy card stock.
(The above step are the directions for Polished stone. You could stop here.)
5. Now, for the marble part. Add a few drops of re-inker to your stamp case. Use the darkest of
your coordinating colors for this part. Add 4-5 marbles to the case. Close the case and shake it
to cover the marbles with the ink.
6. Open the case and using a little bit of adhesive on the back of your polished stone piece,
secure it to the top of the case. Close it.
7. Turn the case over and shake to get the marbles to roll over your card stock.
If the marbeling seems too dark, you can again pounce on the card stock with the cotton ball to
blend the color a little bit.
8. You will want to seal the finished piece with a sealer like Krylon spray or even aerosol hair
Polished Marble
Polished marble combines two techniques
that have been around awhile. These two
techniques work so well together!! I think
you will love the results.
For this technique, you will need: Glossy
card stock, rubbing alcohol, 2-3
coordinating colors of re-inkers, 1 color of
metallic re-inker, cotton balls, an empty
stamp case and marbles. You may also
want some rubber gloves.