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Faux Bow!
To create the adorable Faux Bow you
see here, follow these simple

1. You will need Mini Glue Dots,
Scissors and some ribbon.

2. Wrap a piece of ribbon around your
card and secure on the back.

3. Take another piece of ribbon about
3-4" long depending on how large you
want your bow. Add a mini glue dot in
the center. Then take one end of the
ribbon and attach it to the glue dot.

5. Add another glue dot in the center
of the loops on the back. Attach a
piece of ribbon and wrap it around the
4. Now add another glue dot in the center and
attach the other end of the ribbon to create the
second loop.

6. Finish it off with another glue dot in the back to
secure it and trim. Finally add it to your card with a
glue dot.