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Stationery Purse
Ok... Here is a super easy Purse with notecards. I was able to make the purse and 8 note cards
in a little over an hour.

                                       You will need: 1 sheet of 8.5"x11" CS, 2 strips of 1/2" x 8.5" for the      
                                        straps plus card stock for your note cards, Stamps, inks, sticky            
                                         strip, brads.

                 1. Score your 8.5" x 11" on the long side at 4.75" from each side.

                                                 2. Score now on the short side at 1.25" from each side.

3. Now decorate the front and back of your purse. Be sure to remember
which end is up! Especially if you are doing a design like mine with letters.

                                     4.  On the vertical sides, you have 3 rectangles made from your score   
                                      lines. Cut on the horizontal score lines up to the vertical score line to     
                                      create three separate rectangles. These will be the sides for the            
                                      purse. Now add sticky strip as shown to the front of one of the side        
                                      panels and the middle panel.

5.    Add more sticky strip on the back. Shown here, the Sticky Strip is just on
the bottom of the rectangles, I ended up adding it to the outside edge of
those rectangles as well. (this ended up being an after thought... but as you
assemble it, you will see what I mean)

6. Remove the red cover from the sticky strip and assemble your box.

7. Now add handles with the 1/2" strips of CS. I just eyed the distance, but you can measure if
that makes you happy. Then I added some rhinestone brads on both sides for some bling!!


                                        8. Finally, create your notecards to match and place them in your